vrijdag 24 april 2009

"UK Revises rules for Gurkha veterans"

British government has issued news settlement rules for thousands of Gurkha veterans who want to come and live within the UK. Gurkha veterans are Nepalese men who fought battles in the name of Great Britain. According to solicitors representing the Gurkhas, the government is afraid that around 10,000 of these veterans, joined by their families, enter the country. The new rules imply that in order to be eligible for settlement, the Gurkhas have to meet certain criteria. The actress Joanna Lumley, whose father fought together with the Gurkhas, says that the new rules are a disgrace, as they will keep most of the veterans out of the country they fought for.


Personal reaction:
Of course, my first reaction to this article was that the government indeed betrays these Gurkha veterans by coming up with rules that make sure that they will not be able to settle into the UK. Gurkhas were highly esteemed members of the Great Britain’s army and made a meaningful contribution to it. They have become a symbol of hardiness and heritage, with their famous curved Kukri knives. On the other hand, were they forced to join the army? Nepal was never a colony of the UK. Did they get paid to fight for the army? If this is the case, then I personally do not think that the UK is obliged to take these people, and their families in.

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