zaterdag 25 april 2009

"I just wanted to look like her"

Janet Cunliffe, a woman in her 50s, living in Lancashire, was suffering from a broken up relationship and a lack of self confidence. She took a look at her beautiful, slender, 29 year old daughter and decided she wanted to look exactly like her. She spent about £ 12,000 on a complete make over. She had her breasts enlarged, her eyes lifted, her nose reshaped, and her lips filled. Now, mother and daughter go shopping together, wearing each other's clothes. They go out together on Saturday nights, asking men to guess their age. Their appearance gives them a lot of attention, but they also get laughed at behind their backs.

Personal reaction:
It is incomprehensible to me how people can do these things to themselves. They think they can fool time and nature, where in fact all they do is make a fool of themselves and take irresponsible health risks. How can a normal, healthy person willingly have foreign objects put into her body, only for their appearance? This kind op people lack any kind of self respect or self esteem, and they will not gain this by trying to look like their daughters. This woman really did not succeed in her attempt, because some of the passers-by took her for around the age she truly is.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I agree totally with you. People who do such things lack any kind of self respect. Unsteadiness can lead a person to do things like this. But still I think we cannot point to people who choose to have these kind of operations. Nowadays, the society we live in, appearance is very important. These are not my words but they say the younger you look the better it is, and that is why people are letting themselves operating to look younger, better etc. I believe in inner self, but thanks to the media and magazines appearance is become more important than inner self, which I think it is a truely shame.

  2. Well, I understand your point of view, but isn't it their own bussines to do with their bodies whatever they want? This woman had had a bad experience with her husband and was feeling depressed. If she is happy now with her body and she has the money to pay a plastic surgery, why shouldn't she? I think it is ours to decide what to do with our lifes, and, of course, we all have our own way to be happy. Some people like to travel, others love to climb mountains and others, like this woman, pimp their selves. My message is: be happy and let others be happy to.

  3. I am laughing out loud and I will explain the reason of it. Before reading this article I was looking at this picture and I thought; Oh, another woman who wants to look like Paris Hilton. I started to read the article and I understood that this was her daughter and not Paris Hilton. Oops, my mistake. So I was wondering if the daughter was born like this or that she did the same thing as her mother to become a Paris-look-alike.