zondag 19 april 2009

"Five die in M1 horror crash"

Police are looking for witnesses of a car crash that occurred on the 18th of April last. The accident happened at around 11:30 pm between the junctions 10 and 11 on the M1 near Luton. The driver of a VW Passat was heading south on the motorway, when suddenly he turned around and started driving in the wrong direction. The car collided with a Jaguar, in which two men and two women were seated. Both cars were completely demolished by the crash and paramedics who arrived at the scene said the people in both cars were killed instantly. Police are in the dark about the Passat driver’s behavior.


Personal reaction:
It is always shocking to read about terrible car crashes like this one, in which people get killed. I feel especially sorry for the people in the Jaguar, who were just driving around on a normal Saturday evening, when suddenly a Volkswagen appeared in front of them. What was wrong with this – said to be Polish – man? Was he sick? Was he confused? Did he want to commit suicide? If so, then he certainly succeeded. Unfortunately, he also took the lives of four others, who were probably not suicidal. There are occasional warnings for motorists driving into oncoming traffic in Holland as well. Usually, these situations do not result in fatal accidents. One has to wonder why it went so terribly wrong this time.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It is extremely sad that these people were all killed, especially because it was caused by one mistake. I wonder why the Passat driver turned his car around so suddenly, he must have had a reason for doing this. We will probably never know.

  2. It sad to read but unfortunately it happens. I hope they find witnesses but I think we will never know why he started driving in the wrong direction.
    I like the summary and the use of words.