zondag 17 mei 2009

Susan Boyle's secret crush on an older man

The Sunday Mirror reports about Susan Boyle, the 44 year old woman from Scotland who became a star overnight after her stunning performance at the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. During this show she had declared that she had never been married and never been kissed before in her life. Now, she has admitted to The Sunday Mirror that she wants to become involved with a man who is 16 years older than her. The two regularly see each other in the Catholic Church, and Susan has had a crush on him before. Unfortunately for Susan, her feelings are not mutual. Helmut told the newspaper that he regards Susan as a good, reliable friend. He hopes she will win the show but he is too old for a love affair with a younger woman.


Personal reaction:
This Susan Boyle is really becoming a phenomenon. After the mini-debate about her case, I had become somewhat curious about her. Now, after reading this article, I decided it was time to take a look at her on YouTube. It is true: she has a beautiful voice, and her looks are not a reflection of an angle.
Watching the exaggeratedly stunned expressions on the jury’s faces, however, I could not help feeling that it was all a put-up job. All three members of the jury knew perfectly well how well can sing, and that she not a good-looking lady. It was decided beforehand that Susan would be the living example of the saying that ‘looks can be deceiving’.
Nevertheless, I wish Susan the best of luck, and I hope she will find true happiness in her life.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh poor Susan! I watched an episode of Britain`s Got Talent when I was in the UK this weekend and I think Susan has such a lovely personality. the show might be a set up, but I think that she is for real. Hopefully someone will see her on the show and instantly fall for her.

  2. They are making such a big deal of Susan Boyle. I agree with you that the stunned expressions of Piers, Amanda and Simon were really exaggerated. I also think that they knew already that Susan has an amazing voice and that it was just for the show to act bored in the beginning and amazed afterwards. It's all in the game.

  3. Because of the show Britain's Got Talen Susan Boyle became famous all of a sudden! No one in the UK had heard about her and there she was! I think we should leave Susan alone. We did not know about her before; why is she interesting now?